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Sep 17
Feb 06


“Pizza Hut Taco Bell” by Bright Primate ft. Force of Will

Every Friday, for the rest of 2013, Andrew Kilpatrick and Alex Kelly (they both run the Pxl-Bot netlabel) will showcase a different chipmusic artist as part of their Weekly Treats series. This means that every Friday they’ll not only post a brand new, original, exclusive and unreleased track FOR FREE, but they’ll also have interviews with the musicians on their website.

The most recent track is a cover of a Das Racist’s “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” by Boston’s own Bright Primate.

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Feb 04

Finally uploaded and oldie. Still love this project!

Listen to Abrickadabra! OST by James Primate.

Feb 01


Listen to Pizza Hut Taco Bell by Bright Primate ft. Force of Will.

Jan 28

Gnomoria Orchestral tracks teaser! →

Man, Im doing a horrible job with keeping this tumblr current… things are just happening too quickly, lol! Anyway, as some of you know, for the past year or so I’ve been working on the Gnomoria double soundtrack (“Double” because all the tracks will be done in both ‘classic’ chiptune and modern orchestral style) and its finally getting its complete debut in the final pre-release alpha this coming Tuesday update, which Im pumped about, and here is a sneak peek of the new style:

Dec 30

he110ne0-deactivated20131020 said: Apologies if I just missed the info - but what platforms will Rain World be on (or does it hope to be on)? Please say PC/Steam, please say PC/Steam... haha!

Yes, PC! And then possibly Xbox Live Arcade. The developer is fairly independent-minded… ideally he wants it to be something along the lines of Cave Story rather than some big release, which i respect a lot.

Dec 30

he110ne0-deactivated20131020 said: Thanks for following me on Tumblr!! I have to ask, what is the status of "Project Rain World" if you can answer that. It looked beautiful from what you posted.

Thanks for asking! Rain World is getting very close, and I am *really* excited about it. Were taking a few months off right now though because the developer is going to Ghana to do humanitarian work. Im not even joking! Thats quite the excuse eh?

Anyway, were going to keep working on polishing it up while hes there, and a March release rate seems pretty reasonable. I can wait to show this game to the world, it is beautiful, and… i cant say anything really, but the last stage makes me cry every time i play it. its *that* sort of game :S

Dec 29

Listen to Mega Quad Videogame Music Bundle by James Primate.

Dec 29


Want to hang out with me and Dj Cutman and review some tracks from the JAMES PRIMATE MEGA QUAD VIDEOGAME MUSIC BUNDLE XL on plug.dj? It’ll be sweet!






Nov 24

haven’t shown any new game music for a bit, so here is Rain World 12 (probably a menu / destroyed city track). I love this project